Our mission is to improve the quality of living for others. We aim to supply affordable and reliable advanced water recycling in some of the most challenging settings on the planet

The NEWgenerator is a patent-pending resource recovery machine which operates off-grid to generate fertilizer NUTRIENTS, renewable ENERGY and clean WATER from wastes. To date, this game-changing technology has been demonstrated and validated in Tampa (USA), Trivandrum (India) and Durban (South Africa). The NEWgenerator is aimed at meeting the needs for clean water and sanitation not only for developing communities but also for anywhere in the world with infrastructure challenges.



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Our Team

Dr.Daniel Yeh

Principal Investigator

Dr.Robert Bair

Project Manager

Dr.Cynthia Castro

Post Doctoral Researcher

Manuel Delgado-Navarro

System Integration Engineer

Jorge Calabria

Nutrient Recovery & Reuse Engineer

Amhet Erkan Uman

Membrane Process Engineer

Raymond Lian

Software Engineer

Kamal Taha

Project Engineer

Jerry Jumbo

Advanced Oxidation Specialist

Adefunké Adeosun

Reliability Engineer

Varun Malaviya

Undergraduate Research Assistant

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University of South Florida
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